Extremely Effective!

These treatments have really effected my life in a positive way. Also very enjoyable and relaxing! Thank you!  Jennifer C.  7/15/2016

Wonderful Experience

I had a wonderful experience and successful outcome at To The Point Healthcare. Cynthia is kind, knowledgeable and proficient. I would not hesitate to recommend her to friends and family.  Geri L 11/17/2016



The first time I came I had back and heart issues, also poor circulation. So much so I looked like a ghost. Cynthia has brought my color back thru better blood circulation and I feel so much better. Thanks so much Cynthia.   James Jones   8/26/2016

In Good Hands, and Holistic Too

After several visits I know I am in the very competent hands of a caring health provider. Cynthia’s approach treats the whole person, which makes so much sense. My sinus and other problems are clearly improved and I am now aware of various ways I can work on improving my overall health and immune system. I am grateful to the

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