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Whup-A-Bug_Repellant_-_Complete_Product_Line_grandeHerbal Bug Spray


Whup-A-Bug® is an all natural eco-friendly and botanicals-based insect repellent created and manufactured in America. It is safe for use on family members of all ages, pets, horses, and other livestock. With a complete product line that addresses multiple uses, Whup-A-Bug® also comes in various container sizes, application methods.

Whether you are wanting to protect yourself from pesky insects while enjoying the great outdoors, protecting your pets from fleas, or getting your show-horse ready for the ring, this all-natural product is your best choice for environmentally-friendly pest control. Available in several convenient sizes, many with spray-applicators, Whup-A-Bug® can always be at your side, in your backpack, or even in your saddlebags.  Since Whup-A-Bug® is a proven safe product, you can use it with confidence around your entire family, pets, and valuable livestock.

Due to the many plant extracts, such as coconut oil and others, in Whup-A-Bug® you will also find it to be a soothing, moisturizing product for your skin and your pets and livestock will have a shiny, conditioned, and healthy coat. Pleasantly scented, Whup-A-Bug® is perfect for personal use or family gatherings. Whup-A-Bug® is hypo-allergenic, safe for all surfaces, and does not leave an oily residue.

   16 oz Flea and Tick-$40.00 


                                         Herbal Eye Pillows

Headache, Sinus Congestion, Can’t Sleep?

Try a soothing eye pillow filled with herbs to help reduce Pain,

Clears congestion and Calms the Mind.

eye Pillows 2014

All natural -organic herbs used to prepare these wonderful eye pillows

Bo He–(mint) soothing* Ju Hua—(chrysanthemum)– soothing for fever & headaches,* Xi Xin–(Wild Ginger) relives pain from headaches, nasal congestion,* Chuan Xiong—(Lovage root) moves Qi, stops Pain, useful for headaches.,* Bai Zi Ren –(Biota seed) calms the Mind.,* Bai Zhi –(Angelica) alleviates pain around the eyes & head,* Gao Ben—(Ligusticum) alleviates pain from headaches, * Grits —corn  filler

100% cotton covers, various colors,  $15.00

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